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Ishihara Fujio

Born in Tokyo in 1933. Graduated from Waseda University in Electronic Communications. After working for NTT Institute, professor for Tamagawa University. DIng. After retiring from the university, he concentrates on writing SF and studying microwave. As an SF writer, he made debut with "Highway Wakusei(Planet of Highways)" on SF Magazine in 1965. He is also famous as a bibliographer on SF, writing "SF Tosho So-Kaisetu Mokuroku (General Bibliography for SF Books)" in 1969/1996, "SF Magazine Index" in 1967/1985 etc. Won special aword of 12th Nihon SF Taisho Award. Chairman for a fan group 'Hard SF Kenkyuujo(Hard SF Institute)'.


"Highway Wakusei"
"Straldburg Wakusei"
"Blackhole Wakusei"
"Time Machine Wakusei"
"Antennae Wakusei"
"Gazo Bunmei(Pictorial Culture)"
"Ikiteiru Umi(Living Sea)"
"Computer ga Shinda Hi(The Day Computers Died)"
"Uchusen Oromolf-go no Boken(Adventure of Spaceship Oromolf)"


"SF Sotairon Nyumon(SF Guide to Relativity)"
"SF Robot-gaku Nyumon(SF Guide to Robotics)"
"Newton to Einstein(Newton and Einstein)"
"Ginga Ryoko 1/2(Galaxy Travel 1/2)"
"Ginga Ryoko to Tokushu Sotairon (Galaxy Travel and Speial Theory of Relativity)"
"Ginga Ryoko to Ippan Sotairon (Gyalaxy Travel and General Theory of Relativity)"
"Koseiki no Sekai(World of Light Centuries)"
"'Koseiki Sekai' heno Shotai(Invitation to the 'Light Centuries World')"
"Hajimete no Pasocon(How to Use Personal Conputers)"
"SF Sakka no Kinmirai Kagaku Tokuhon(SF Writer's Reader for the Near Future)"
"Doraemon-shiki Science Technology"(co-author)
"Cho Jinko Chino(Super Artificial Intelligence)"(co-author)
"Sotaisei Riron Naruhodo Seminar (Understandable Seminar for Theory of Relativity)"(co-author)

SF Bibliography:

"SF Tosho So-Kaisetu Mokuroku 1946-70"
"SF Tosho So-Kaisetu Mokuroku 1971-80"
"SF Magazine Index 1-100"
"SF Magazine Index 101-200"
"SF Magazine Index 201-300"
"Kisotengai Magazine & SF Hoseki Magazine Index"

Electronic Publishing(database):

"SF Tosho So-Mokuroku 1946-90"
"SF Tosho Kaisetu So-Mokuroku 1946-80"
"Koseiki no Sekai"

to be published:

"Zoku 'Koseiki Sekai' heno Shotai (2nd Book of Invitation to the 'Light Centuries World')"
"Kido Elevator(Orbit Elevator)"(co-author)
"21-seiki Ginga heno Tabi(21st Century Travel to the Galaxy)"(co-translator)
"Ishihara Fujio Zenshu (Collected Edition of Ishihara Fujio)"(private publishing)

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