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Izawa Motohiko

was born in Nagoya, Aichi pref. in February 1954. Graduated Waseda University, department of law. In 1980, when he was a correspondent in TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting Station), he won the 26th Edogawa Rampo Award by his novel "Sarumaru Genshi Ko"(Illusionary Travel around Sarumaru). After becoming a full-time writer, he wrote novels such as "Kakusareta Mikado"(Hidden Emperor), "Kon no Houtei"(Court of Enmity) etc., and critiques such as "Kotodama"(Spirits of Words), "Tenno ni Naroutoshita Shogun"(a Shogun who wanted to be Emperor) etc., which based upon his own view of history. He is still agressively writing in both field.
He has a running historical critique "Gyakusetsu no Nihonshi" (Paradoxical History of Japan) on Weekly Post magazine, and a simulation war story "Nobunaga no Yabou--Ama Kakeru Haou"(Ambition of Nobunaga: Dynast Goes on Sea) on Monthly DaGama(published by Koei). As for a PC game, he has edited "Game Nihonshi"(Japanese History Game) issued by Koei.

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