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Kosai, Tadashi

was born in Maebashi, Gumma pref. in 1938. Novelist. He made his debut with short stories shown on magazines like 'Autosprots' or 'Men's Club'. His main theme is motorsport, and he also writes stories about cameras and aircrafts. One of the best-informed about the world motorstort in Japan. E-mail:


"Honda ga Race ni Fukkisuru toki(When Honda Returns to the Race)"
"Rotary ga Indi ni Hoeru toki(When Rotaries Bark at Indi)"
"Nissan ga Le Mans wo Seihasuru toki(When Nissan Wins Le Mans)"
"Lancer ga Monte wo Mezasu toki(When Lancer Aims at Monte)"
"Toyota ga Hokubei wo Sekkensuru toki(When Toyota Prevails North America)"
"Leone ga Kouya wo Kakeru toki(When Leone Runs the Wilderness)"
"Paris-Beijing Rally no Hana(the Flower of Paris-Beijing Rally)"
"Okiniiri ga Le Mans ni Yuushousuru Toki(When the Favorite Wins Le Mans)"
"Hakase no Racing Car(Doctor's Racing Car)"
"Le Mans: Senkou no Aoi Hana(Blue Flowers of Sparks)"
"Milemilia ga Fukkatsusuru toki(When Milemilia Revives)"
"Talga Florio ga Fukkatsusuru toki(When Talga Florio Revives)"
"Uma nashi Basha niyoru Soukoukai(the Race of No-horse Coach)"
"Suke-suke Camera(See-through Camera)"
"UFO Camera"
"Kokuu no Senritsu(Horror of Void)
"Koi wa Hikousen ni Notte(Love on the Zeppelin)"
"Carib no Tenshi(Caribian Angel)"
"Gaisha Juuni Kei(Twelve Portraits of Imported Cars)"


"Racing Car: Gijutsu no Jikkenshitsu(Technical Laboratory)"


"Le Mans 1995" (Detailed Study of the Worst Accident in the History of Racing)

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