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Nagai Go

was born on Sep. 6th 1945 in Wajima city, Ishikawa pref. Impressed by the Mangas of Tezuka Osamu, decided to be a cartoonist himself. After graduating highschool, became an assistant of Ishimori(Ishinomori) Shotaro, and has come out as a professional cartoonist by "Meakashi Poli-kichi"(on Nov. issue of 'Bokura' magazine) in 1967. In 1968, epoch-making "Harenchi Gakuen" started on 'Shonen Jump' magazine to make a great hit. It has influenced Japanese society radically, changing the common sense of former Manga concept completely. In 1972, his works "Devilman", "Cuty Honey" etc. were made to TV-Anime. By "Majingar Z", a new style robot-Anime, he stepped into a new world. After that, many works were broadcasted as TV-Animes such as "Dororon Enma-kun", "Great Majingar", "UFO-robot Grendizer" etc., which was exported to Europe to be popular worldwide. In 1980, he won 4th Kodansha Manga Taisho Award by "Susano-Ou". 1997 is the year of his 30th anniversary as a professional cartoonist.

Main Works:

"Violence Jack"
"Shuten Doji"
"Omorai-kun"(Beggar the Kid)
"Kikkai-kun(Bizzare the Kid)"
"Maou Dante"(Dante the Satan)

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