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Suga Hiroe

Member of SF Writers Japan and Japan Mystery Writers Association. Born on April 21st in Kyoto, and lives in Kyoto now. After graduating prefectural Katsura high-school, quitted a private university. Mistress('Natori') of Japanese dance, dancer name Wakayagi Kikura. Made debut by "Blue Flight" which she wrote when she was a high-school student, and was inserted in 'SF Hoseki' magazine, 1981 April issue. She has acted as a musician for some time, and afterward published "Yuragi no Mori no Siera(Shiera in Flickering Forest)" from Sonorama Bunko in January 1989. Won 23rd Sei'un Award(Japanese novel) by "Melsus no Shonen--'Rasen no Machi' no Monogatari(Boy of Melsus--Story of 'Spiral City') Won 24th Sei'un Award(Japanese short story) by "Sobakasu no Figure (Fleckled Figure)"

Main Works:

SF: "Ame no Ori(Cage of Rain)" Hayakawa Bunko JA
Short stories collection, including "Sobakasu no Figure". Japanese dance SF "Onatsu Seijuro" is in it, too.
Fantasy: "Houketu no Tamashii(Frozen Soul)" Tokuma Novels
Christian binality is destructed in the context of Japanese Myth.
Mystery: "Kijo no Miyako(Capital of Demon-woman)" Shodensha
Story of the interesting city, Kyoto. Though not an SF, it must have 'smell' of SF.

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